Our luxury show is staged by a renowned Brazilian choreographer

The original high quality and handmade costumes are made in Brazil by an award-winning designer

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Quality, professionalism and efficient management are with us first. This is why many customers book us several times.

Benefit of more than 25 years of experience in Catering and show business events throughout Europe and countries like, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Spain , Turkey, etc.
We will gladly advise you individually and make your event a success and an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Samba Show


Our standard range is suitable for all events throughout the year. It does not matter if it is a private party or corporate party, ball or gala, summer party or Christmas, event or product presentation - our Brazilian beauties will take you on a dream trip of Rio de Janeiro dance.

We present our range of dance show in one, two or several blocks. The composition of the team: we dance for you in small or large group with one or several changes of clothing. The group is flexible from 1-15 to 1-6 dancers, the show show lasts up to 2 x 20 minutes non-stop up to 1 x 50 minutes. The show is accompanied by music played by a CD or live with several drums with the Brazilian band. Everything depends on the budget-

Optionally we offer a Brazilian DJ.

Fairs Shows

Fairs Shows

We make its event a resounding success. Our dance show for the event guarantees always full stands, great humor and an optimal visibility of your company.

The program of exhibitions can be booked with up to 15 dancers, live Brazilian band and Brazilian dancers and percussionists.
Your guests are welcomed by our dancers, presented in sequin costumes by hand. Serve exotic drinks or flyer or corporate gifts. Brazilian drummers welcomed visitors. With hot rhythms and open the event or the buffet.

According to the available budget and desired occupation, our dancers and dancers present the demo program from 3 x 15 minutes to 8 x 10
Possible benefits of the fair see package:
My guests receive our dancers
Brazilian drummers open the event buffet
View program up to 8 x 10 minutes
Gift and flyer distribution by our dancers

Christmas Show Brasil

Christmas Show Brasil

The Brazilian dancers will delight in their Brazil Samba Show, in the season of Advent or Christmas.

The beauties welcome their guests in a Christmas bikini at the start of the event.
Here you can pass presents in the name of your company or serve drinks.
Disguised as Santa Claus invade the Brazilian beauties, drop the mantle of Christmas and the audience then heat up in Christmas-style bikinis with an enthusiastic dance show. It will also help in the gift of passing our dancers. Therefore, it is celebrated in Rio de Janeiro. Melt the snow and let the room to play.
The enthusiastic public can take photos at the end of the show together with the dancers "RIO 40 ° BRASIL SHOW". For your guests, the photo is a unique memory of an unforgettable night.
Possible contributions of the Christmas Fair:
Greeting the guests dressed in Christmas costumes
Distribution of gifts (to be put by the organizer)
Buffet with Brazilian percussionists
Dance show, up to 2 x 20 minutes
Photo session (to be organized by the organization)


Carnaval Shows

Organize a carnival event? We recommend our show "Carnaval en Rio". Hottest Samba awaits you in our program, which lasts up to 2 x 25 minutes. Brazilian drummers or a live band will accompany you in the live show. , Depending on the budget.

High point experience a first class Samba parade with many magnificent costumes, original handmade luxury of the most famous Samba move the world in Rio de Janeiro.
We danced at the end of the show guests like the big Samba parade in Rio de Janeiro. We bring the "Carnaval in Rio" in your event.
We show you how to celebrate Carnival on the beach in Copacabana. Expect the fireworks of South American and Brazilian rhythms Joie de Vivre in ecstatic and colorful variety of costume
Possible contributions of the Carnival Fair:
Live band in Brazil
Reception of guests with Brazilian, curiously dancers
Buffet with Brazilian percussionists
Brazil show, 2 x approx. 20 min.
Capoeira stunt show
Parade of samba with the most beautiful carnival costumes in Rio de Janeiro
Audience Animation

capoeira Show

Capoeira Show Brasil

Capoeira is an impressive dance dance and acrobatic elements. Many large companies like Nokia and Mazda successfully advertise with capoeira.

Experience our capoeira acrobatics show with up to 15 flight capoeira dancers. The show is accompanied with the reproduction through CD or live with original instruments of Brazil.
The show takes up to 30 minutes depending on the occupation. The demonstration program can request Afro-Brazilian dances or Makulele (dance with swords) or complement our show in Brazil
Many large companies such as Nokia and Mazda successfully advertise with capoeira. Brazil make your event a success with our capoeira show! Possible contributions of the capoeira demonstration:
Capoeira stunt show
Live drums with Brazilian percussionists
Afro-Brazil see part
Samba Brasil Show

events shows

Sports Events - Futebol

Book our special program for your sporting event.

Our hot blood dancers appear in original t-shirts of the Brazilian national team. Brazilian drummers and musicians provide the necessary rhythm. On request, we also present original carnival costumes in Rio de Janeiro.

The demonstration program can be presented in one or more blocks. Kaffeebraune dancers show a class with a mix of dance, acrobatics and live music and animation in the big bikini nut shell.

Any demo package:
See program in one, two or more blocks
Reception of guests in the Brazilian team's original jersey
Rio Carnival samba parade in the original spring costumes
Brazilian drummer
Live brazilian band